Thursday, January 12, 2006

Chinese taboo 2

I'm going to write about Chinese taboo again.

In northern China, people shouldn't put their shoes off easily.
Even while you are watching a moive, you have to put your soes.
Moreover, the more surprising thing is that you will be regarded as rude if you are wearing sandals!
Especially, young women shouldn't expose their legs.

It is a custom that does not exist in Japan, isn't it?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chinese taboo


Are you glad when you get a clock from your friend.
A clock is one of the most popular gift in Japan.

However, I heard that Chinese people don't send clocks to thier friend.
In China, clocks mean "the beginnig" and "the end".
It reminds people of "a funeral" or "death".

Another "bad present" is a green hat.
From 13th to 17th century in China, men whose family is a prostitute must wear a green hood.
This tradition has continued until today, and people dislike a green hat instead of a green hood.
So, green hats have a meaning of "youy wife's fickleness".

...When you want to celebrate friend's birthday, don't fouregt this!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I heard that people from different cultures have different notion of "colors".

For example, the word "blue" doesn't equal Japanese "青". "青" sometimes means "green", such as "青信号", means "green light".

We can find another example in Africa.
The tribe (though I've forgot their name...) recognize colors with only tones.
So, they don't think some primary colors, such as blue and red, differ.
I can't believe that!

Anyway, we can see the cultural difference in this point.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Today, I'd like to write about "Sukiyaki".
It doesn't mean a kind of Japanese food, but the song which is Kyu Sakamoto's very famous song.

This song was first released in Japan in 1961, and its Japanese title was "Ue o Muite Arukoo", means "I Look Up When I Walk."
I don't know why American people called this song "Sukiyaki", but I can say that they couldn't understand the meanings of the title and the lyrics.

Although some of they didn't get the real meanings of that song, "Sukiyaki" became one of the most popular song in America.

I think it is a great thing because one Japanese song became very very popular not only in Japan but in America though there are many kind of people in these countries.

Sometimes we can share something beyond the diversity!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Blog

This is my new blog about "Social and Cultural Diversity".

Today, we watched a short film.
In the film, the square guys and the circle guys met on the street and start to fight.
Square guys regarded circle guys as strange, and circle guys too.
The quarrel escalated into a war, and each groups hit the other group again and again.
And then, both of them gradually changed their shape into octagon.
Finally, they got all same, and the war finished. (Although the newcomer appeared...)

I think this is the process that we cannot avoid to make a new diverse society.
After different cultures collide, they gradually compromise with each other and somehow develop a new society.

......It's so hard for me to continue this blog because I am not very good at English...